Do Your Really Want A Frontal?

Angelica Lindsey

Everyone wants a LACE FRONTAL‼️They look so FLAWLESS when done properly. The real questions do you REALLY want a frontal? Honestly, frontals are not for everyone. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are a beginner with wigs. PLEASE do not purchase a lace frontal. Frontals are not beginner friendly‼️ What people do not realize is that frontals goes ear to ear and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Versus a Closure does just that closes of the top of your head. Simple right?

If your looking for more of a beginner friendly wig lace closure wigs are the best wig for you. Before purchasing one of our FLAWLESS Wig Units we recommend you do your own research on frontals and closures and go by what you think will work best for you.